The Origin Story

Hi everyone! Welcome to Half Obsessed!

I am Jaimie Lee, a serial hobbyist, and I just wanted to share a little backstory for why I created this blog. I spent my whole life growing up in a small East Texas Town called Van. I had a fairly typical upbringing, enjoyed playing tennis, cooking, etc, but my favorite was meeting my husband, Alex. We ended up spending the next few years in Tyler, Texas making ends meet while I finished my degree in Social Sciences at the University of Texas Tyler.

Alex and I both eventually started serving tables south of Tyler at the restaurant at Kiepersol– one of the top restaurants in the city. We both fell in love with the company and grew within. I’m fortunate enough to now be the Executive Assistant, and if you’ve had any tasty wine from Kiepersol, you can probably thank Alex for that!

After a few months of longer drives to work than we liked, we got the chance to rent a beautiful house only about five minutes from work.

This aforementioned beautiful house would turn into our “Pecan Lodge,” as we so lovingly call it. Alex and I have lived here now for two years with our two dogs (Josie and Furi featured below), two cats, aquarium, and about 50 plants. (Those last two are a couple of my many ongoing projects that I can’t wait to share!)

Our now dream home started just as a studio loft with a wood shop downstairs back in the 1990’s, and renovated multiple times over a couple decades to what we live in now. And then still, in the two years we have lived in this house, it has gotten a new floor, had a patio removed, French drain installed, and soon will have a skylight replaced. Now, none of these projects were by me “DYI-ing it.” I would say all of those refinements are above my (current) abilities range, but I have picked up a few tricks here and there from being a home-renter.

Mostly, it has been the biggest inspiration for so many projects, DIYs, crafts, and has even inspired me to clean! And I mean really clean- I’m sure some of you remember the single life with the chair full of probably clean clothes to pick from. Or was that just me? But no more!
I’ve learned to really appreciate all this house offers, and that I get to live in it I plan to make the best of it!

We are super lucky our landlord has supported us since the beginning with my hobbies, obsessions, neurosis…whatever you want to call them. “As long as it looks good!” she says. So far she has not at least verbally disapproved, so that’s a good sign to keep going, right?

That’s where this blog, Half Obsessed, comes into play! Here you will join me and my DIY projects, crafts, cleaning tips and products, plant info, and the big ole crazy project called life. Occasionally, I hope to also post about some of the other obsessions from wine and true crime, to muggles and fish keeping.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I am truly excited to share my growing family of interests with all you, and hope my loves will make you about as Half Obsessed as I am.