5 easy crafts that I can’t wait to try

I love a good craft just as much as the next girl, especially if they are inexpensive and easy! I haven’t done any crafts for fun lately, because I have been so busy with my Stair Project, but I am hoping that I can free up some time soon, because I am almost done.

Below I will share what I believe will be the next crafts I will try to spruce up my home, closet, and more. This is kind of a mix matched consortium of crafts, so prepare yourself for a fun DIY ride!

I’m going to link to several other blogs here so that you can follow along with their amazing tutorials!

1 Easy Embroidery Hoop Wreath

I’ll start by saying, that I have actually made one of these in the past 6 months. I LOVE how it turned out. I actually just saw a picture of one and figured out how to put the pieces together.

Here is my first attempt at a Embroidery Hoop Wreath. Like I said, I made this without actually following any sort of tutorial, so it is rough, but it brightens my wall and makes me happy. Also, the “Always” was my wedding cake topper, so it’s extra special.

For my next one, however, I want to follow a real tutorial and maybe do an upgrade and updated version of my first try.

Modern Glam shared this awesome and easy tutorial that I am going to follow on my next attempt!

2 Easy DIY Tank Top

I CANNOT wait to try this one. I have already been perusing my t-shirts to see which one will get the chop. This will be so easy, that I’m literally thinking about going to try it right now.. but I won’t, because I am literally writing this blog post right now, but soon.

Some Dreaming Tree “fashioned” this amazing look and simple tutorial. I seriously hope that I can live up to her precedent.

3 Macrame Keychain

I love me some macrame. Becca and I always say “Do you wanna macra-make something?” The answer is nearly always yes. I already have the basic materials for this one, besides beads, so I anticipate this one happening so soon.

Think Make Share Blog makes it look easy!

4 Framed Pressed Flowers

I thought this one would be lovely to have in my home, but also as a fun Mother’s Day present. This has a few supplies required that I don’t have laying around, and frankly I’m a little afraid to try it, but I’m just going to cross my fingers and go for it!

Lily Ardor’s tutorial puts me right at ease so that I can feel comfortable putting bricks in the microwave.

5 More Macrame, but for walls!

I know that I already had a macrame craft in this one post, (like honestly Jaimie, there are a TON of crafts out there) but I just love to macra-make! This one also seems really fun and super aesthetically pleasing. I have some gradient yarn that I think will be so great for this!

The Sweetest Digs has a great blog name as well as a very helpful tutorial for this craft!

Thanks for joining me! I will keep you all posted as I make each of these crafts and many more!