Stair Renovation- Overview, Part 1

My most recent DIY project started this past weekend. That’s right, I spent my Easter Sunday pulling up carpet… Luckily I have great friends to help, a patient husband, and a supportive landlord.

This all started when I got new floors in the lower floor of my house. Now, I rent my house, but I have a great relationship with my landlord and she has great taste, so when it came time to pick a new floor for my (ahem…her) house, I knew I would end up with something stylish. I was so right!

Just excuse the back of my couch, I recently turned it to hide the section of my couch that was continually mauled by my dog.

Above, you see my beautiful new floors… also, you see the bane of my existence… my dingy old carpet on my stairs. I rented a carpet cleaner, I bought a carpet cleaner…nothing worked. This is the point that I decided to talk to my landlord (who had already been supportive of a permanent aesthetic DIY project) to get her opinion.

In the above image, you can see where I pulled up a little bit of the carpet just to double check what was underneath. I was pleased to find some pretty nice looking treated lumber, that will hopefully just take a little elbow grease to update. Below are a few photos that show my progress so far!

The daunting sanding ahead…

At this point, I am still actively sanding to remove all of this old paint, spackling, whatever it may be, so that I can prep for stain. Although it’s still a bit rough around the edges (literally), even if I stopped right now, I would be happier with this lumber stairwell!

Also featuring: a little dog butt.

Well this is where I am so far! This has just been an introduction to the project, the why, and showing what it looks like. My next post will contain more details on the how. I will update over the next few days to talk about my plan and go over materials used.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what project you are working on!

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