Transforming a Wall

I got a beautiful, rustic wine rack from my friend Becca about a week ago and I have been so excited to putting it to good use. I have a lot of wine at home, and more glasses than I could ever use, so I am glad to display them.

I wanted to have my wine rack in the living room and in a spot that isn’t too bright. I found the perfect spot, but there was some wall art there to rearrange.

Wall art
Due to poor planning, this is the only “before” picture that I have of this wall.

The picture above is my “before” of this wall. I felt that this wall would be a great place to hang the wine rack as a functional decorative piece.

I started by taking down the wall art to have a blank wall. Then I played with the placement of the rack to still have the bird art somewhere on this wall.

I drilled two holes on the wall, totally winging the level. I absolutely need to purchase a level. I used two small anchors to support the weight of full wine bottles (I said “functional!”).

After determining that the rack was at least mostly level, I added some braces to it. By “braces,” I mean that I literally screwed it into the wall. Using some extra long roofing screws and a drill bit, I drilled a pilot hole with a small bit and then followed with the screws straight into the wall.

Once the placement was right and the rack was secure, I patched up a few previous holes in the wall and touched up the paint over the filler.

Lastly, I hung my bird art back up with a little flair to lengthen the shorter part of the wall here. I dressed up the wine rack with the most appropriate items: wine!

Here is the result, featuring a hungry Josie girl.

I’m quite happy with how the area turned out! This was a fun, quick project to freshen up this space with a functional and rustic piece of decor.